Saturday, October 9, 2010

Mythbusters 2

I posted the first mythbusters halo reach series video earlier this week, the second one follows up with some great tips.

1. you can survive any fall by landing on top of another player
2. you can kill another player with the impact of a grenade
3. tanks can be romantic
4. you cannot pummel through holograms
5. you can stick a frag grenade and send it off course with a plasma launcher (who could actually do this?)


I've been pretty annoyed with respawning about twice a game, in the sight of an enemy player. Most of the time when this happens, you are unable to even look around to see where the hell he's coming from, but it seems to be happening an awful lot.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Halo myths

I just watched an interesting video on some halo myths/helpful hints..

1.assassination graphics are cut short when on a moving surface
2. you cannot be assassinated while on a warthog
3. Plasma launcher has a lock on
4. Holographic's dont absorb any damage

Jumping assassination

Last night the coolest thing happened...

In team slayer sword base, I saw on the map their was a red dot running around below me, and then I heard the jet pack, I was on the top level and he was jet packing from the bottom of the map.

We met half way and I assassinated him from behind mid air. It was a good night.